Space advances could address some of today’s most pressing challenges, such as fighting climate change and delivering socio-economic benefits to citizens.

The potential of the European space sector is extremely vast, and so are Europeans’ skills and capacities to develop it.


Our goal is to become the biggest European space community committed to shaping the future of the European space sector.


  • Favouring networking with like-minded people.
  • Helping younger generations with diverse backgrounds to launch space careers. 
  • Providing the right tools and space to foster a new generation of space leaders.

Mentoring Programme

The Mentoring Programme aims to encourage young people to start their career in the space sector. It provides a great opportunity to network with young and senior professionals in the space industry.

Are you interested in the Programme?



TamburiView Profile

Graduate in aerospace engineering and master student in mechatronic engineering. I wish to create a network to make space more accessible to everyone.


ArcifaView Profile

Legal and communication counsel. Interested in Human Rights and Law-Innovation with a focus on AI. I wish to promote a space policy based on the objectives of security, justice and freedom.


MorelliView Profile

Law & IR undergraduate student, currently studying a double career in Spain and wishing to specialize in Space Law & Policy. I wish to encourage the strengthening of links within the space sector, in order to enhance international space policy.


GrazianoView Profile

Developer interested in technology and space. It's time to shape the Space economy and exploit its potential.


ZambonView Profile

I am a Space Engineering graduate, currently working as a systems engineer for flight simulators. I have a deep interest in all the opportunities Space has to offer, and I believe that involving a broader audience in Space-related activities will be necessary to face most of our future challenges.


LazazzaraView Profile

I am a graduate student in International Relations currently specializing in Space Policy. I wish to foster collaboration between space enthusiasts, dreamers and experts to harness their full potential in shaping the European space sector.

  • If you believe that space is our destiny

  • If you believe that together we are stronger

  • If you believe that every day is a learning day

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