Mentoring Programme

The Mentoring Programme aims to encourage young people to start their careers in the space sector. It provides a great opportunity to network with young and senior professionals in the space industry.

Mentors' backgrounds
Balance between Humanities and STEM backgrounds
The idea of this Programme stems from the fact that our team also felt disoriented, at times, and needed points of reference. When developing our Programme and talking to the Mentors, each one of them agreed that it would be useful to have a guide in crucial moments, such as when making long-term decisions. It is not uncommon for students to be unaware of the fact that their academic specialisation may lead them to a career in the space sector. Some of us fell in love with space from a scientific point of view. Some others by pure chance, especially from a background in social sciences. This is exactly why we wanted to build a very diverse network of Mentors.
This Programme aims at leveraging the experience and the spirit of “give back” of Senior and Junior Mentors, bridging the gap between young space enthusiasts and the opportunities that the space sector can offer. Moreover, the Mentors involved cover a wide range of career paths, being able to help students and recent graduates from all different backgrounds.
  • To Discover the competences needed to succeed.
  • To Learn how to perform in selection interviews within the sector.
  • To Create long-lasting relationships with like-minded people.
The selected Programme participants, called Mentees, will be assigned a Junior Mentor and a Senior Mentor to provide them with a comprehensive understanding of the pathway towards a space career. In addition, during the Programme, each Mentee will take part in various team activities with other Mentees aimed at complementing the experience.
  • Find out about all the Mentors involved in the Programme.
  • Fill the Application Form at the Link below with your information by July 30.
  • The successful candidates will be contacted and informed of the next steps. The Constellation Mentoring Programme will start on the 27th of September 2021 and run until the 27th of June 2022.
August 7
Are you interested in the Programme?

In ancient times, constellations were the only means to navigate safely at sea. Our aim is to give younger generations of space enthusiasts a constellation of space mentors to guide them. Look at our sky!

Senior Mentor

Andy Williams

Government, International Relations and Science PolicyBiography

Vladimir Pletser

Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Training & Microgravity ResearchBiography

Marco Aliberti

Space Policy and LawBiography

Piero Messina

Space Governance & Policy and Space Exploration Biography

Annamaria Nassisi

Space Business, Earth Observation and SecurityBiography

PJ Blount

Space Law and Space CybersecurityBiography

Clelia Iacomino

Space Policy and Space BusinessBiography

Omkar Nikam

Space Business / Space Technology / Satellite CommunicationsBiography

Hady Milani

Space Entrepreneurship / Aerospace EngineeringBiography

Jean-Jacques Tortora

Space Governance & PolicyBiography

Jean-Dominique Coste

Space Strategy and Space Systems EngineeringBiography

Antonino Salmeri

Space Law Biography

Mattia Pianorsi

Space EconomyBiography

Andrea Bennetti

Space Business/Space Strategy Biography

Rami Ibrahim

Space BusinessBiography

Junior Mentor

Stefano Piccin

Space Journalism and Science CommunicationBiography

Victoria Carter-Cortez

Space StrategyBiography

Veronica Moronese

Space LawBiography

Arianna Ricchiuti

Astrobiology and Science CommunicationBiography

Ivan Sumelzo

Attitude and Orbit Control EngineerBiography

Antonio Scannapieco

Aereospace EngineeringBiography

Riccardo Cattaneo

Space Business and Space PolicyBiography

Giuliana Rotola

Space Policy and Law Biography

Martina Lofqvist

Space AI, Earth Observation, and EntrepreneurshipBiography